Everything you need to live Happy & Successful

Want to be part of a community shaping the next generation of exceptional individuals? MonthMate provides the platform for you to celebrate and be celebrated, get inspired to contribute to your immediate community, and to network globally with people born in the same month as you, and beyond!

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Meet and Network with different People from all walks of life

The diversity in MonthMate makes the hub so rich and unique, and we all stand as one with the sole aim of being happy and successful. Much more than that, we want to change our immediate community, and inspire others to do the same

Social Gathering
Pool Funding
Community Service
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how it works
  • Get Identified

    Only 1 minute and you're in. Create an accont that comes with a unique monthmate ID identifier, which helps you to get involved in the next generational way of living happy and successful.

  • Be Unique! Show off your skill gift and talents

    Enjoy the best of content from the creator's hub at no added cost. You can become a creator too by getting verified.

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  • Be involved in Community funding

    You can be part of community projects. These projects are created from time to time, and you can choose the one that you would love to be part of and promote it.

  • Get recognitions and rewards

    As you contribute to plans and get involved in the community project, you get rewarded (read about rewards in emails, and our blog). Also, as you invite your friend to join Monthmate Hub, you get rewarded too. Nothing is too little or too much